TOP brands we are working with:


SCORPENA - a new trademark, offering a line of equipment for spearfishing. Even SCORPENA is a young brand, it has experienced "parents": a team of leading experts from Russia, France, and Italy, who took part in the work on the SCORPENA collection. Professional designers, engineers, and sportsmen faced a difficult task - to create a line of spearfishing equipment that is distinguished by high quality, but at the same time has an affordable price.

For the producing SCORPENA collection, was chosen a fundamentally new approach. Instead of copying the equipment of world famous manufacturers, we released a lot of original products that have been developed to meet all the requirements of spearfishers.


Founded in the 1930s, Beuchat is a company that designs, manufactures and markets underwater equipment. It was established in 1934 and is well known and respected name by its numerous content customers around the diving world.

The company was founded by Georges Beuchat in Marseilles in 1934. Georges was a young man of 24 with a fascination for the underwater world – a spearfishing enthusiast and who never tired of imagining and creating articles that would pave the way for the development of modern underwater sports. He will continue to practice and inventing throughout her career: isothermal clothing in 1954, the first crossbow, the prize "Jet Fin", the buoy of security . In 2009, Beuchat is proud to celebrate its 75th anniversary! The brand and the company maintains the tradition, inspired by the practice of underwater activities, it continues to create products of the future, while respecting the environment and by using the most modern technologies to design the most efficient products .


Suunto was born in Finland more than 80 years ago, when championship-level orienteer and keen outdoor enthusiast Tuomas Vohlonen invented the mass production method for the liquid filled compass.

Since then, Suunto has been at the forefront of innovation, hand crafting premium sports watches, instruments and dive computers that have been tested in the world’s harshest conditions. From the beginning of time, man has explored. All that has changed are the tools.

Suunto is still based in Finland where most of our products are designed and hand crafted with pride in our flagship factory outside Helsinki. Their aim is to provide adventurers and sports enthusiasts with the best tools to explore and conquer new territory from the highest mountains to the deepest oceans – and anywhere in between.


Salvimar was born in 1962 with the commitment and motivation of a group of people, highly competent in their profession to represent the excellence in the term "Made in Italy”. The brand has deep roots in the sport of spearfishing that spans back nearly 50 years and a high commitment to quality and precision in the manufacturing process, a proud Italian tradition. Salvimar presents a beautiful offering of high-end products the benchmark of the industry regarding quality and value.


Bare is the premier manufacturer of drysuits for over 40 years. Bare wetsuits and drysuits use unique combination of anatomically correct patterns, sophisticated materials, and painstaking craftsmanship to constantly evolve wetsuit and drysuit design to exceed the expectations of the customers.

Originally manufacturing custom-made neoprene diving suits, the Company has grown to become a leading supplier of watersports, scuba diving and fishing garments, and it is also popular producer of survival immersion matches for the marine market.


Cressi’s legacy of innovation began in 1939 with two brothers who shared a passion for the sea and a gift for technical design and working with their hands. Egidio and Nanni Cressi began by crafting masks and spearguns that would allow them to move and hunt more efficiently in the waters near their home. By 1946 their designs and products had become so popular they founded the Cressi company in Genoa, Italy.

Today, although Cressi is a worldwide leader in water sports manufacturing, it is still wholly owned by the Cressi family, and the commitment to innovation is still in the company’s DNA. It has a 60-year history of groundbreaking product development and has often been the first to bring product advancements to the market. These include the Pinnochio mask, the first dive mask with a dedicated nose pocket for easier equalization, and the Rondine freediving fin, with its innovative long blade for maximum efficiency.


In the 70s, passionate skydiver Dennis Bulin left Wisconsin to settle in sunny Zephyrhills, Florida. (Hey, anything for better skydiving.) He started Zeagle in 1979 as a one-man operation, building parachute equipment and accessories. When he became an active scuba diver, Dennis’ interests shifted from skydiving to sea diving.

Combining his skydiving equipment expertise with his knowledge of sport diving, Dennis began designing personal buoyancy control devices and other gear. His innovative approach to BC design helped Zeagle become a respected worldwide supplier and manufacturer of diving equipment.

Underwater Kinetics

UK lights have brilliantly illuminated underwater expeditions in every corner of the planet for over four decades. Divers trust UK as the gold standard in performance, reliability, and durability. That’s why UK products are the best-selling, brightest dive lights in the world. UK premium waterproof cases and dive accessories are consistently lauded as the best in their class. UK products are investments in the adventure that will last for decades.

Best Divers

After about 20 years since its foundation in 1993 Best Divers can be considered today a fully-fledged European leader in the field of diving accessories.Born almost by accident by an idea between friends, the company began its real growth in 1996, the year in which enthusiasm along with a new knowledge of marketing and design made the dream come true.

Enthusiasm, marketing and design. These are the three key dimensions that made Best Divers successful in the world.


Inspired by technical diving and designed for all, the full range of Apeks scuba diving equipment, which now includes regulators, bladders, drysuits, instruments, and accessories, has been adopted by technical divers around the world. Apeks scuba diving equipment is being used to explore some of the deepest, coldest and most advanced dive environments on earth. Because when the environment demands, only one thing matters; that your dive kit is designed, developed and tested to keep you safe and comfortable.

Spare Air

A skydiver wears a reserve parachute, a SCUBA diver should have a reserve breathing system. For over 35 years Spare air has supplied divers with the smallest, most-compact redundant system available for out-of-air emergencies. The patented SPARE AIR should be a standard piece of SCUBA diving equipment for the safety-minded diver.


AquaLung pioneered the creation of modern diving equipment in 1943 when Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau teamed with Émile Gagnan to develop the first “aqua-lung” that made underwater exploration possible. Today, the Aqua Lung company continues to be a leading global designer and manufacturer of scuba dive equipment and water sports gear. The company’s rich history as an expert in the dive and water sports industry has led to the demand of Aqua Lung equipment for recreational, technical and military applications in more than 60 countries around the world.

Each of the Aqua Lung brands serves the specific needs of our demanding customers. Focusing on product innovation, worldwide distribution and customer service, Aqua Lung is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and delivering quality gear for recreational and professional use.


Imersion SARL was founded in 1989 by Mr. Pierre Buffa with the help of a French freediving spearfishing world champion. The place was Marseille, in the South of France, Europe's capital of diving equipment manufacturing. In 1995, the French main manufacturer of shafts, diving knives and spearfishing accessories, Ets.Desiage joined forces with Imersion to reinforce its potential on the freediving spearfishing market. With the Coralign brand, Ets.Desiage was the sole supplier of Imersion for speargun accessories.

The headquarters and the main plant are in Thiers, a city located in the center part of France. The city is famous for its manufacturing of knives, and also for other industries such as high-tech plastic molding. For many decades, in fact since 1974, Ets.Desiage has been manufacturing equipment for the spearfishing industry, including major diving companies. Imersion/Desiage has several manufacturing units in France. The spearguns, shafts, bands, and spearfishing accessories are manufactured in Thiers where the fins, the plastic, and nylon products are also molded.

The commercial department is located in Vitrolles a city close to Marseille by the Mediterranean sea where all our products are tested. Our large range of products has interest in several markets from the beach bazaar to high-tech equipment designed for competition, also our high-quality products are distributed worldwide. The group can also manufacture specific products under other brand names at client s request.


In 1949, Ludovico Mares designed and manufactured his first masks and spearguns with one dream in mind: To share his unbridled passion for the sea and diving with the rest of the world. Mares started as one small factory in Rapallo, Italy, but now, almost 70 years later, it is at the forefront of innovative dive technologies, representing only the best in dive products.

The innovative Mares line contains unique products for all your activities at the sea. Discover now specific equipment that meets all your needs with which you can safely explore the fantastic marine worlds and enrich your life with magnificent experiences.

Mares continues to set new industry standards. Constant investment in innovation, research, expertise and a creative, professional approach make Mares a synonym of quality, safety, and reliability. The best of Mares is encapsulated in every product to meet the needs of each and every diver.


The history of Omersub began in the late 1970s, in Northern Italy, with the specific mission of developing and manufacturing top quality spearguns for a few very demanding spearfishing champions. Valerio Grassi, the founder of Omersub, built upon the knowledge and experience of firearms manufacturer Beretta, an original investor in the company, both in the design and manufacturing of high-precision spearguns and spearfishing accessories.

In 2013, Omersub joined Aqua Lung, the pioneering worldwide leader in scuba diving equipment. Since the invention of the first demand regulator in 1943 by Jacques Cousteau and through constant innovation, Aqua Lung produces a vast and complete range of recreational, professional, and military dive equipment under the Aqua Lung and Apeks brand names. These brands are distributed through a network of specialized professionals in over 80 countries.


The company “Pathos Pro Spearfishing” was originally born from Angelos Michalopoulos’ desire to create an innovative speargun. It was based on an idea conceived in 1996 but also stemmed from his love for fishing and the sea. Since 1970, the manufacturer’s family has been active in the wider market of marine equipment, producing mainly swimming products, such as masks, fins, snorkels, etc.

Over the years the Pathos speargun has been steadily improving. The embedded driver for the shaft on the rigid pipe, the open muzzle, and the ergonomic handle, which also evolved from the D’Angelo I to the D’Angelo II, make the weapon simpler and more functional.

All Pathos spearguns are equipped with Sandvik stainless steel shafts and floppers, a kind of material characterized by extraordinary hardness and memory. The introduction of new materials allowed for the construction of a foot pocket much lighter than the competitors. Combining the advanced technology of design with the power and flexibility of the Pathos foot pockets, any blades would perform at their highest level. The superiority of the Pathos foot pockets to other manufacturers was clearly evident upon usage. Any product created is manufactured with care in detail and, most importantly, with great passion!


Today, Seac-sub is certainly a company that sets benchmarks in the diving industry. Founded in 1971 as the brainchild of Marco Arata, more recently - thanks to the support of his son Daniele - the company is embarking on an important strategic renewal on several fronts: from the enrichment of the product lines to the expansion of the corporate organisation, from the repositioning of its image to the technological evolution in production. This impressive change has, however, left the true points of excellence that this company is known for unchanged; first of all, the inspection of each and every product, all verified and tested individually, a process that has always represented the crowning jewel of Seac.